How Zara Harutyunyan Built Her Aesthetics Empire Through Adversity

Tyce Escalante
3 min readNov 7, 2020

The common trend was seen amongst individuals that achieve tremendous success in life always happen to revolve around facing adversity. The story of how Zara Harutyunyan built her CRMC Aesthetics as a female minority resembles that trend. Zara is an Armenian native who set a goal to become a doctor of some sort from an early age and managed to make that dream a reality. Today Zara is the Founder of CRMC Aesthetics, one of Southern California’s Largest Botox Providers. Here’s how she did it.

From Nursing to Botox Provider

Zara received a doctorate in gynecology back in Armenia where was a doctor for a short period. In 2004, she moved to the United State, not having anyone to help her and facing every obstacle in the book including the most difficult being a language barrier between her and her new home. When she arrived in the United States she got her RN license as well as NP within the aesthetics industry. What Zara quickly realized was that some patients wanted to exclusively see a doctor, so over the next few years, Zara spent her time educating the patients that being a great aesthetic injector was far more than just the letters behind her name, but rather the expertise. This is what sparked her fire to open her practice that would later become CRMC Aesthetics.

Early Obstacles as a New Business Owner

Being a new business in any area, you’re bound to quickly find out just how much competition is around you. On top of being a minority and woman-owned business, the pressure Zara had was unreal. Knowing that she left behind everything she ever knew in life to pursue her dream in America helped Zara push through those difficult early years. As she started to build a clientele Zara made sure her biggest focus was her clients, she then followed a formula that led to her growth over the next few years. Give great results and provide exceptional customer service, these two agendas led to a good amount of client retention and referrals. While her competition was finding ways to undercut her prices Zara continued to educate patients about her services never being about the price, but rather delivering great results. Although, CRMC Aesthetics was already low priced.

The CRMC Aesthetics difference

One quality you will always find in a great business is customer retention, and Zara’s coveted CRMC Aesthetics has lots of it — but why?

CRMC has continued to grow at an unprecedented rate, and the list of recurring customers has grown along with it. When breaking down the growth of her practice, it becomes evident that the following three attributes create happy patients who return. Great consultations (she educates her patient), great results, and Zara’s genuine care for her responsibilities as a botox provider. Those three attributes coupled with Zara continually training more providers, upgrading her technologies, and staying up-to-date with innovative treatment’s let her put her best foot forward with every customer in her aesthetic empire.

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